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My trip to Cancun, Mexico 🇲🇽

I just wanted to share with you guys my trip to Cancun. It was AMAZING! The Hotel was very high end, customer service a plus, people were very nice and accommodating. The hotel that I stayed in is called The Paradisus Hotel. Both inside and outside of the hotel was beautiful. So, when we were at the check in desk, we were immediately served with drinks, etc.The people there were very understanding and always had smiles on their faces. The food was also good, inside the hotel they had this amazing taco restaurant! It was really good! Every morning for breakfast they had fresh food and fresh squeezed juice from cantaloupe juice to cranberry, etc.

The view from my balcony:


Here is a picture from the beach view:IMG_4965.jpg

Pool side + beach side


You can see from the pool side that they had a bar, which was very convenient. When you wanted to get yourself a drink, you didn’t even have to get out of the water. They also had these little stools surrounding the bar in the water and you can just sit there too.

They also had this nice hookah lounge + bar outside where you can just relax and get a nice tan!


We also went parasailing and jet skiing:



The water was so clear and beautiful!

Overall my experience at Cancun was great, would love to get to go again one day. Especially this hotel, everything was just great. Had a blast!

My All Time Favorite Mascaras!

I own and have so many mascaras and what I believe is that if you want a really good mascara is you need to look at the way the brush is shaped, do you want that lengthy lash look? Or do you prefer a little clump lash look? Etc. So, I want to share the top three mascaras that I use…IMG_4779.JPG

  1. The Lash Sensational Mascara from Maybeline

– one of the reasons why I love this mascara a lot is because it makes my lashes really lengthy, does not clump my lashes at all. And I honestly don’t even need an eyelash curler for it because you really don’t need one! Also the long length of my lashes stays that way all day.

  1. The Buxom Mascara

– Yes this mascara is a little on the pricey side, it’s about $20 bucks but I love it especially for your lower lashes. This is the mascara that I use when I want my lower lashes to look lengthy and also it’s great for your top lashes! It doesn’t clump ✔️ It also stays on all day✔️ And the brush is shaped wide and the bistols aren’t that close together which I believe is what brings that lengthy lash look.IMG_4780.JPG








3. The L’Oréal Voluminous Million Lash Mascara

– I love this mascara, this one actually used to be my top 1 mascara but once the Maybeline Lash Sensational came out and I found out about Buxom I had to bump it down to my top 3rd. For this mascara what caught my attention the most is the brush of course and the bristles on it. So, the brush itself was small to medium sized and the bristles were small to but it made the lashes look long, also kind of clumpy which I hated. So what I would do the extra to get the nice long lash look is I would first use an eye curler (which helped a ton!) it was a big difference as to just go straight to applying the mascara.

Now what I don’t really use anymore is an eye curler because it’s really not needed when I use the first 2 mascaras that’s named up there! And if you are looking for that extra length and volume I suggest getting the first two mascaras to get your eyes to really pop up.

****TIP: If you want to make your lashes longer: Vaseline really works and the way that I use it is; Once your done with your mascara i.e. empty, just wash the brush of the mascara and put vaseline on it, and just apply it to your lashes like regular mascara. I wait about 10-15 minutes. Then I just wash it off. And I do this about everyday. It works for me, you will notice a difference 🙂


Limited Edition Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Conturing & Highlighting Sticks!

I was in the mood to test out new beauty products, so I decided to head over to Ulta. While scanning among all the products I found The Revlon Insta-Fix Conturing & Highlighting Stick Kit. I just had to try it. It’s a little black kit with both the contour and highlighter stick. It costs about $19.99 plus tax but if you are a member of Ulta Beauty you will always get a $3.50 off of a $15.00 purchase, in your email or in their newsletter from the mail. You can just use my link right here to sign up https://refer.ulta.com/s/AYLA

So, I finally headed home to try this out. I really like it, especially the highlighter stick, it’s so pretty! The Highlighter stick is like a little light pinkish and purple and it’s really smooth but not so shiny. It leaves like a relaxing tone on your face and its subtle. But I believe that the highlighter stick will only last approximately 4 hours. Not that long which was the only negative thing about it but other than that I love it! The contour stick is also very nice, and if you’re not a foundation kinda person, like me you can just use your own brand of concealer and the contour stick and your good to go!


img_4596     img_4604

Urban Decay Shadowbox Review!

image.jpgimage.jpgI bought the Urban Decay Shadowbox myself online at Ulta, I got it for $18.99 then the cost for shipping which was $5 plus the tax; in total I got it for $25.99. The original cost was $34.00. I believe that the sale is still going on so if you want one you should check Ulta out. I am really loving this pallete so far! The colors are so gorgeous and sparkly; I love sparkly eye shadows they are my favorite. If you are into sparkly eye shadows then you should really consider buying this pallete. Something that I didn’t really like about it was the size of the pallete, unfortunately it’s a small pallete! Even though it’s small, it’s good for traveling. But other than that I think that the colors are really pretty and you should try it out! image.jpg

St. Lves Even & Bright


I have also received this along with two other products in my voxbox that I got from Influenster! Influenster has given me a chance to test this and other products for free (the other products are already posted). I love the St. Lves Even & bright it smells really good! I got the Pink Lemon and Mandarin Exfoliating Body Wash. It makes my skin feel so soft, smooth, and refreshed! I love how it is 100% natural exfoliant. Also it really does exfoliate my skin gently as it is it noted on the back of the bottle, other things that are noted are its good for sensitive which I do have, it is dermatologist tested, and paraben free, also it doesn’t contain any animal ingredients. I would really recomend looking into this product and getting!!

St. Ives Refresh and Revive Body Lotion 

I have also received this in my voxbox from Influenster. I got the Pear Nectar and Soy body lotion. It smells really good and the smell is not strong at all which is what I really like. I applied this after I used the oatmeal scrub and my skin feels really fresh.

I also have really dry skin, and it’s surprisingly clearing up my dry skin areas! I apply it daily! 

This product is known as the following: 

It has been dermatologist tested. Paraben free. 

It does not contain any animal ingredients. 

Most importantly it’s made with  100% natural moisturizers (vegetable glycerin, soy bean oil) 

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